Wealth Accumulation Planning

Our clients have unique goals relating to preserving, increasing, and diversifying their wealth. Our investment process is designed to assist our clients in developing investment objectives and a philosophy that are an integral part of their total financial planning goals, whether it be personal, corporate, or a qualified plan.

Asset Allocation
We counsel our clients to seek the optimum combination and diversification of financial assets.

Professional Investment Management
We carefully fit chosen professional investment managers and programs to the client's predetermined investment plan. We can search for, select from, and monitor performance of many Money Management firms in the United States. 

Due Diligence
Our products are subject to a rigorous Due Diligence scrutiny before being approved to offer to clients. 

Investment Tracking
Our sophisticated tracking system monitors our client's investment results.

Tax Advantages
Whenever possible, we reduce or defer income tax exposure in our client's portfolio through the use of specialized products and income tax reduction techniques.

Life Insurance and Annuities
In conjunction with employee benefit retirement and business continuity planning, we offer competitive insurance products with current interest assumptions and flexibility through multiple insurance companies. These offerings include Guaranteed Income Contracts, Flexible Premium, and Single Premium Annuities.