The Work Process

Introductory Meeting
During the initial meeting, we outline the range of services we offer. After a preliminary discussion with clients, we then focus on those services which might specifically help to improve their personal and corporate financial status.

Document Analysis
Following the initial meeting, we review in-depth pertinent financial documents to determine specific strategies which would meet the needs of our client. This detailed analysis often reveals valuable information needed to solve particular problems and create financial opportunities. The review may also raise important questions which are discussed at a follow-up meeting with the client before making recommendations.

Plan Development
Following document analysis and verbal agreement to proceed, we submit a formal Letter of Engagement, which details specific services, timetables and compensation structure. Meetings are then arranged with our client, family members, and key advisors to develop and refine the plan.

Once the details are agreed upon, we proceed to implement a coordinated plan over a specified period of time. Following implementation, periodic reviews are made to incorporate changes which may occur in tax laws or in a client's personal or business financial situation.